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Dragon Ball Z, Vol. 1 #1 (1998) CGC 6.0 12X Signed! Nadolny, Bergmeier, +10

$ 700.00 
SKU: 2684267024

Issue Year 1998
Publisher Marvel Comics
Category Signature
Grade 6.0 FN
Key Info 12 X Signed!
Art Comments Akira Toriyama (S)(CA), Grader Notes moderate staining to (CA), Signatures
Cert # 2684267024


Dragon Ball Z, Vol. 1
Dive into the exhilarating universe of "Dragon Ball Z" with Vol. 1 #1, a collector's edition from 1998, now CGC graded at 6.0 and boasting an astonishing 12 signatures, including those of Nadolny and Bergmeier, along with 10 additional autographs. This milestone comic encapsulates the pulse-pounding energy and iconic characters of the beloved anime series. As the inaugural issue of the "Dragon Ball Z" saga, it immerses readers in the epic battles and captivating storylines that define the series, setting the stage for the intergalactic adventures of Goku and his allies.

The CGC 6.0 graded copy of "Dragon Ball Z" Vol. 1 #1 not only preserves the dynamic artwork and gripping narrative that have enthralled fans for decades but also carries the unique distinction of being signed by a remarkable ensemble of talents, adding an extra layer of prestige for collectors. Brace yourself for an extraordinary journey as the Saiyan warrior Goku faces formidable foes, encounters powerful allies, and unveils the true extent of his extraordinary abilities. With this signed and graded edition, fans and collectors alike can relive the magic of "Dragon Ball Z" in a tangible and autographed masterpiece that captures the spirit of one of anime's most iconic series.