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Marvel Illustrated: Swimsuit Issue #1 VF+ Premiere She-Hulk Cover 1991 Psylocke

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Stark Enterprises and the Maria Stark Foundation organize an Olympic event for superbeings in the Savage Land. Several guys and gals find time to relax and play. Most events are described but not depicted. So there are many characters mentioned but not illustrated. In summary the events and their results:
  1. The 1000 meter dash. Makkari came 1st, Quicksilver 2nd, and Super-Sabre 3rd and last.
  2. The 800 meter hurdles and high jumps. Longshot came 1st, Beast 2nd, Frogman 3rd, Toad 4th, and Speedball 5th and last.
  3. Gymnastics. Nightcrawler came 1st, Black Panther 2nd, Tigra 3rd, Spider-Man 4th, and Wolfsbane 5th and last.
  4. Weight Lifting. Thor came 1st, Hercules and Hulk tied in 2nd place, Wonder Man 3rd, Thing and Namor tied in 4th place, She-Hulk 5th, Colossus and Sasquatch tied in 6th place, Power Man/Luke Cage 7th and last.
  5. Swimming - 1000 meters. Namor came 1st, Namorita 2nd, Triton 3rd, Stingray 4th, and Andromeda 5th and last.
  6. Synchronized Swimming. Multiple Man and his duplicates came 1st, the Namor and Namorita duo came 2nd.
  7. Biathlon (a sporting event combining cross-country skiing and rifle shooting). Nick Fury came 1st, Silver Sable 2nd, Paladin 3rd, Cable 4th and last.
  8. Skiing. Northstar came 1st, Makkari 2nd, Silver Sable 3rd, Daredevil 4th and last.
  9. Bobsled. All teams were duos. Hulk and Rick Jones came 1st, Thing and Human Torch 2nd, She-Hulk and Hercules 3rd, Colossus and Longshot 4th and last.
  10. Figure skating. Dagger came 1st, Dazzler 2nd, Shadowcat 3rd, Silver Sable 4th and last.
  11. Speed Skating. Iceman came 1st, Blizzard 2nd and last.


  • Northstar (Jean-Paul Beaubier)
  • She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters | Earth-616)
  • Thing (Benjamin Jacob Grimm)

Jim Lee (P), Mike Mignola (P), Walter Simonson (P), Brian Stelfreeze (CA)