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Strange Tales, Vol. 1 #110 (1963) CGC 3.5 VG- SIGNED STAN LEE 1st app. Doctor Strange

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SKU: 1236949002

Issue Year 1963
Publisher Marvel Comics
Category Signature
Grade 3.5 VG-
Key Info 1st appearance of Doctor Strange, Ancient One, Nightmare and Wong. 1st Paste-Pot Pete and Wizard team-up.
Art Comments Lee, Lieber and Hart (W), Dick Ayers, Larry Lieber, Matt Fox and Steve Ditko (A), Jack Kirby (CA)
Signed SIGNED BY STAN LEE ON 3/23/14
Cert # 1236949002


Dr. Strange Master of Black Magic!
A man tormented by nightmares comes to Doctor Strange to seek aid. Doctor Strange promises to help. He travels in spirit form to his old master who lives in a remote mountain temple in Asia. The master tells Strange to depend on his magic amulet if danger threatens. Back in his mortal form, Strange visits the man he has promised to help. When the man falls asleep, Doctor Strange enters his dream in spiritual form. Inside the dream, Strange is met by a figure bound in chains who presents himself as the symbol of the evil that the tormented man has done and tells Strange that if he does not believe then he should ask Mr. Crang. Then another form appears, Nightmare, Strange's ancient foe. Meanwhile, the dreaming man awakens and realizes the dreams are caused by all the men he has ruined.

Fearing that Doctor Strange might expose him, he grabs a gun to shoot Strange who is kept from reuniting with his mortal form by Nightmare. Strange mentally calls upon his master who remotely activates Strange's amulet and causes it to place a hypnotic spell on the man. Doctor Strange slips out of the dream dimension and grabs the gun before removing the hypnotic spell. The man agrees to confess to his crimes and Strange tells him that that is the only way he will ever sleep again.