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Tales of Suspense, Vol. 1 #39 (1963) CGC 4.5 VG+ Signed Stan Lee Origin & 1st app of Iron Man (Tony Stark)

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SKU: 0351044003

Issue Year 1963
Publisher Marvel Comics
Category Signature Series
Grade 4.5 VG+
Key Info Origin and 1st appearance of Iron Man (Tony Stark).
Art Comments Stan Lee and Larry Lieber (W), Don Heck, Steve Ditko and Gene Colan (A), Jack Kirby and Don Heck (CA)
Signed Signed by Stan Lee
Cert # 0351044003


"Tales of Suspense, Vol. 1 #39" is a milestone issue in comic book history, published in 1963. This particular issue marks the first appearance of Iron Man, Tony Stark. In the story, Stark, a wealthy industrialist, is captured by enemy forces and forced to build a weapon of mass destruction. Instead, he constructs a suit of powered armor to escape, laying the groundwork for his transformation into the iconic superhero Iron Man. The issue not only introduces the armored hero but also establishes key elements of Iron Man's origin and his initial mission. This historic comic is celebrated for its significant contribution to the Marvel Universe and the enduring legacy of Iron Man..