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The Amazing Spider-Man #19 (2023) CGC 9.8 NM/MT SIGNED Lobos Wondercon Exclusive Virgin Variant (Limited 1000) Marvel Comics

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SKU: 2806208003

Issue Year 2023
Variant Lobos Regular Virgin Variant
Publisher Marvel Comics
Category Signature (SIGNED by Pablo Lobos)
Grade 9.8 NM/MT
Art Comments (CA) Pablo 'Lobos' Villalobos
Cert # 2806208003

Ever have one of those days where ya just can't catch a break? A day where you're really trying not to get into trouble while your girlfriend is out of town, but then some jerk attacks you at brunch, you get arrested for some teensy-weensy property damage, and you're sentenced to community service? Why, I tell you, it's enough to make a gal start seein' cartoon fishies every which way and such! Also featuring a very special in-continuity dream of Harley Quinn starring, you guessed it, moi, in the role of a lifetime-the magical-girl-clown protector of Gotham City!