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Wolverine #41 (2024) CGC 9.8 NM/MT Clayton Crain Incentive 50 Years of Wolverine Virgin Variant (1:100) Marvel Comics

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SKU: 4399046014

Issue Year 2024
Variant Clayton Crain Incentive 50 Years of Wolverine Virgin Variant (1:100)
Publisher Marvel Comics
Category Modern
Grade 9.8 NM/MT
Art Comments (CA) Clayton Crain
Cert # 4399046014

SABRETOOTH WAR BEGINS HERE! THE MOST VIOLENT WOLVERINE STORY EVER TOLD! Get ready for the showdown to end all showdowns - WOLVERINE VS. SABRETOOTH! It's been years since these heavy hitters have crossed paths in the Marvel Universe, but as Krakoa falls, so rises SABRETOOTH - and he's out for revenge! They threw VICTOR CREED in the PIT, but he's free and, wielding an army of Sabretooths, will prove once and for all why he is LOGAN's ultimate nemesis. Co-written by literary powerhouses Benjamin Percy (WOLVERINE, GHOST RIDER) and Victor LaValle (The Changeling, SABRETOOTH) and drawn by artistic dynamos Cory Smith (CONAN, GHOST RIDER) and Geoff Shaw (WEAPONS OF VENGEANCE, WOLVERINE: PATCH), don't miss the inaugural issue in this multi-shipping saga leading up to the landmark issue #50!