CGC Submission Form



  1. Please note that Comic Book Grading is conducted solely by CGC. Sleeping Giant Collectibles does not guarantee and is not responsible for any grading discrepancies. In the event you are displeased with the grade of your book, please contact CGC directly. Contact details can be found of their website  
  2. Sleeping Giant Collectibles is an authorised dealer and facilitator for CGC. Our liability commences with  Sleeping Giant Collectibles when your comic books are in our possession and until they are returned via signature receipt by you or individuals authorised by you at the address provided on the Sleeping Giant Collectibles CGC Submission Form. Sleeping Giant Collectibles is not responsible for any damage, loss or negligence which occurs outside of this time period.
  3. During transit all books are insured under our policy. This policy insures up to $xx,xxx.
  4. Damage during transit must be reported to Sleeping Giant Collectibles via within 5 business days of delivery to the address you provided.
  5. Customers who choose to ship items to Sleeping Giant Collectibles will do so thoughtfully and securely to ensure items do not incur damage through inadequate packaging. We advise that you send these items with signature confirmation in order to track your items journey to us.
  6. Sleeping Giant Collectibles submission forms can be completed digitally or by hand. If you choose to complete by hand, customers agree to fill out the Sleeping Giant Collectibles Submission Forms legibly and completely. Forms can not and will not not be submitted if hand written text is incomplete or illegible. If a mistake is made, please place a single line though the text and continue in the next available space. If unsure, we advise you complete a new form using the established guidelines above.
  7. CGC ‘turn-around’ times are subject to change and are dependent on CGC’s workload. Sleeping Giant Collectibles has no influence on these ‘turn-around’ times and are therefore not responsible for any changes. We will make the effort to keep you up to date with any changes, but advise you visit CGC’s website for further information.
  8. Should you be dissatisfied with any aspect of the service provided by Sleeping Giant Collectibles, please contact us via within 5 business days of receipt of goods and we will do our best to address the problem.
  9. If asked to crack open a slab to obtain a signature, Sleeping Giant Collectibles are not liable for any re-slabbing fee or change of grade if the signature cannot be obtained (Celebrity cancelling appearance, Lines being closed, etc.)
  10. If books are signed without being witnessed by the official CGC Representative, they will not be eligible to be submitted to CGC by Sleeping Giant Collectibles. This is to maintain the validity and credibility of our service.
  11. Prices are correct at time of going to press but are subject to change.
  12. Customers agree that payment to Sleeping Giant Collectibles will be madebefore signatures are obtained.
  13. Customers agree that when payment is made for any Sleeping Giant Collectibles, they are agreeing to all terms and conditions laid out in items 1-13.

    CLICK HERE to fill out and print our CGC Submission Form.