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X-RAY VISION - 10 Pack INVISIBLE COMIC BOARDS + MYLAR BAGS ! Current/Modern - 6 3/4"

$ 20.00 

Type Comic Book Protector
Category Current / Modern
Protection Ultra Rigid - 90 points - UV Protect - Archival! BOARD | Comes with BCW Modern/Current Archival 7"


Invisible Comic Boards are the best of both worlds, offering what traditional slabs and backing boards can't do alone.
Invisible Comic Boards provide a crystal-clear, see-through backing board, with protection for both sides of the comic, just like a slab!

Protect, Enhance and, Display:

Showcase a full cover display wrap around comic book while still being protected!
Useful for sketch covers featuring original art!
Excellent for retail wall books!
See what you've been missing!

Features and Details:

  • Crystal clear board to view both front and back of your book or art. 
  • Acid free, archival material with ultra rigid 90 point thickness to help protect your most valued items.
  • Protection for both sides of comic while still being able to access, read and enjoy your collectible.
  • Prevents damaging comic book.
  • Sturdier, reusable and last forever!