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Amazing Fantasy, Vol. 1 #15 (1962) CGC 9.2 NM- RESTORED Origin & 1st app of Spider-Man

$ 49,500.00 
SKU: 1258436001

Issue Year 1962
Publisher Marvel Comics
Category Universal
Grade 9.2 NM-
Key Info Origin & 1st appearance of Spider-Man (Peter Parker). 1st appearance of Uncle Ben & Aunt May.
Art Comments Stan Lee (W), Steve Ditko (A), Jack Kirby (CA)
Signed --
Cert # 1258436001


A reserved high-school student named Peter Parker, often regarded as Midtown High's wallflower, lives with his beloved Uncle Ben and Aunt May. Attending a demonstration at General Techtronics Laboratories East, a radioactive spider bites Peter, granting him extraordinary abilities. Discovering his newfound strength, speed, and climbing skills, Peter decides to explore his potential.

After witnessing a wrestling challenge offering $100, Peter, now clad in a homemade spider-themed costume, defeats Crusher Hogan, catching the attention of a television producer. Embracing his powers, Peter becomes Spider-Man and gains celebrity status. However, his perspective shifts when he allows a thief to escape, realizing he is tired of being pushed around.

Tragedy strikes when Peter's Uncle Ben is killed by a burglar. Consumed by guilt, Peter learns that the police have cornered the burglar at the Acme warehouse. As Spider-Man, he confronts and subdues the criminal, discovering that this is the same thief he let escape earlier. Realizing his inaction contributed to his uncle's death, Spider-Man vows to use his powers responsibly, learning a crucial lesson about the consequences of negligence.