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Death Wish Coffee Presents: Odinforce #1 NM 9.4 Ominous Press 2016 Joe Jusko

$ 20.00 

The completely original story follows a ragtag crew of vikings, led by Halfdan the Left-Handed, as they search for the fabled ODINFORCE in the fantasy realm of Valhalla. A stunning adventure story, filled with danger, suspense, action, and mystery that will excite readers of any age, and will be cherished by comic collectors and coffee drinkers alike.

Continuing the Viking saga begun in the famous Big Game commercial! Full-size comic written by superstar Ron Marz! Art by industry legend Rick Leonardi ("Uncanny X-Men," "Nightwing")! Fully painted cover by acclaimed illustrator Joe Jusko! Limited edition!

Ron Marz (W), Rick Leonardi, Nanjan Jamberi (A), Joe Jusko (CA)