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Eternals, Vol. 1 #1 (1976) CGC 9.8 NM/MT SIGNED by STAN LEE Origin & 1st app. Eternals

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SKU: 1319426004

Issue Year 1976
Publisher Marvel Comics
Category Signature
Grade 9.8 NM/MT
Key Info Origin & 1st appearance of the Eternals.
Art Comments Jack Kirby (W), Jack Kirby & John Verpoorten (A), Jack Kirby & Frank Giacoia (CA)
Signed SIGNED BY STAN LEE ON 7/11/15
Cert # 1319426004

The Day of the Gods!
In the inaugural installment of Eternals, Vol. 1 #1 (1976) titled "The Day of the Gods," Dr. Daniel Damian, accompanied by his daughter Margo and assistant Ike Harris, stumbles upon the enigmatic God Chamber. As Harris discloses his true identity as Ikaris, he unravels a profound revelation to the Damians—the gods visited Earth, spawning three distinct species of Hominidae from a common ancestor: the Deviants, Humans, and Eternals. Ikaris, an Eternal, has tirelessly sought the God Chamber for a millennium with the intent of activating the Cosmic Beacon.

Meanwhile, over the Pacific waters, Kro orchestrates the destruction of a human plane to safeguard the concealed secrets of the undersea realm, Lemuria. Acting on Tode's directives, Kro is tasked with locating the God Chamber and annihilating the Cosmic Beacon before the Eternals can seize control. The narrative weaves together a complex tapestry of ancient mysteries, celestial beings, and a race against time, setting the stage for a gripping saga in the cosmic realm of the Eternals. For additional insights, readers can delve into Eternals, Vol. 1 #1 (1976) on, Goodreads, and Marvel Database.