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Fantastic Four, Vol. 1 #1 (1961) CGC 5.0 VG/FN SIGNED by STAN LEE 1st team app. Fantastic Four

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SKU: 1184333001

Issue Year 1961
Publisher Marvel Comics
Category Signature
Grade 5.0 VG/FN
Key Info Origin & 1st appearance of the Fantastic Four (Marvel's 1st super-hero team) & the Mole Man.
Art Comments Stan Lee (W), Jack Kirby (CA)
Signed SIGNED BY STAN LEE ON 7/11/15
Cert # 1184333001

The Fantastic Four!
In a mysterious turn of events, a shadowy figure launches a flare from a window, forming the luminous proclamation, "The Fantastic Four!" Susan Storm, engaged in a casual tea rendezvous with a friend, witnesses the signal and swiftly transforms invisible. Boarding a cab, she compensates the bewildered driver upon reaching her undisclosed destination.

Meanwhile, Ben Grimm, grappling with the quest for a well-fitting coat, is alerted by the flare. Bursting out of a haberdashery with comical fervor, he embarks on a chaotic journey through the city's sewers, emerging after an inadvertent encounter with a taxi. Simultaneously, Johnny Storm, immersed in hot rod craftsmanship at a service station, witnesses the flare morph into the number 4. Igniting into flames, he takes to the sky, leaving destruction in his wake. Branded an enemy, Johnny grapples with pursuers until a surprising intervention involving a missile and impossibly long arms.

The enigmatic figure, the flare's originator, greets Susan, Ben, and Johnny with an ominous declaration—a formidable task awaits them. Yet, the question lingers: how did this eclectic quartet acquire their extraordinary abilities?

In a Cold War-era endeavor to outpace the Communists in the Space Race, scientist Reed Richards, alongside siblings Sue and Johnny Storm, and pilot Ben Grimm, clandestinely board a rocket. Despite Ben's cautionary advice regarding cosmic ray shielding, Sue's challenge persuades him to join the flight. High above Earth, the four are bombarded by cosmic rays, triggering a profound transformation upon their return. Sue gains invisibility, Ben metamorphoses into a robust, orange-hued "Thing" with super-strength, Reed acquires a malleable form allowing shape-shifting, and Johnny ignites into flames, gaining flight capabilities. Embracing their newfound abilities, they unite as the extraordinary super-team known as the Fantastic Four, adopting the monikers Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Girl, Human Torch, and the Thing. For a deeper exploration of this riveting tale, readers can delve into the details of The Fantastic Four's origin story in the relevant comic issues available on, Goodreads, and Marvel Database.