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Miles Morales #42 Spider-Man 2022 NYCC Jung-Geun Yoon Exclusive Trade Variant

$ 30.00 

Book of Fate: Miles Morales #42 Iconic Issue

As the number of the spider that bit him and the winning lottery number for Brooklyn Visions Academy, the number 42 means a lot in Miles Morales' world, and Saladin Ahmed celebrates this landmark issue with an oversized spectacular alongside amazing MILES MORALES: SPIDER-MAN artists!

Miles Morales has been through it lately - time for a little R&R now, right? Not when there's good that needs doing, and when something dark and insidious rears its ugly head on the streets of NYC, SPIDER-MAN is the only hope to end it. But Miles will need help, from his friends, his family and the most unexpected allies, if he dares to even stand a chance this time!

Miles Morales #42
Limited to only 3000 copies! SOLD OUT

Saladin Ahmed (W), Ig Guara, Carmen Carnero, Alitha Martinez (A), Jung-Geun Yoon (CA)