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Night Nurse #1 (1972) CGC 9.4 NM SIGNED by STAN LEE ULTRA RARE 1st app. Linda Carter

$ 5,950.00 
SKU: 1319782001

Issue Year 1972
Publisher Marvel Comics
Category Signature
Grade 9.4 NM
Key Info 1st appearance of Linda Carter.
Art Comments Jean Thomas (W), Win Mortimer (CA)
Signed SIGNED BY STAN LEE ON 7/11/15
Cert # 1319782001

The Making of a Nurse!
Christine Palmer leaves the Midwestern suburbs to begin life as a nurse at Metro-General Hospital. There she meets fellow night nurses Georgia Jenkins and Linda Carter. Linda is in love with a businessman named Marshall Michaels, but Michaels wants her to give up her nursing career.

Meanwhile, a power outage strikes the city and the patients at Metro General begin to panic. A conman named Rocky and a man named Ben Jenkins (Georgia's brother) hold the hospital generator hostage and nearly destroy it. After abandoning the mad plan, Ben is injured while attempting to protect the nurses and is summarily arrested.

Linda decides to continue working at the hospital and declines Marshall's offer.