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STRANGE #1 ***Available in Cover A Spec Packs and Complete Sets*** (1st App of HARVESTMAN)

$ 40.00 

STRANGE #1 ***Available in Cover A Spec Packs and Complete Sets***  (1st App of HARVESTMAN)

A NEW SORCERER SUPREME RISES Doctor Strange is dead And a new Sorcerer Supreme has taken the title, or should we say Sorceress? Haunted by her recently returned memories, Clea longs to bring Stephen Strange back from the dead But when a mysterious group attacks the magical realm, Clea must rise to the duties of Sorcerer Supreme. For she is now the sole protector of Earth against magical threats. Don't miss the twists and turns as Jed MacKay continues the story from DEATH OF DOCTOR STRANGE with artist Marcelo Ferreira (THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN)