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Ultraman: The Trials of Ultraman #1 (2021) CGC 9.8 Momoko Cover 2X Signed

$ 500.00 
SKU: 4321189018

Issue Year 2021
Publisher Marvel Comics
Category Signed & Wolf Fang Fist by Chris Sabat | Sean Schemmel | Sonny Strait
Grade 9.8 NM/MT
Key Info
Art Comments Kyle Higgins & Mat Groom (W), Francesco Manna (A), Peach Momoko (CA), Grader Notes Unavailable Signatures
Cert # 4321189018


Ultraman: The Trials of Ultraman
Embark on an epic journey with "Ultraman: The Trials of Ultraman" #1, the 2021 edition, now CGC graded at an exceptional 9.8 and featuring a stunning cover by the renowned artist Momoko. This collector's gem is not only a testament to the enduring legacy of Ultraman but also a visual spectacle with Momoko's distinctive artistry. Elevating its prestige, this comic is adorned with dual signatures, adding an extra layer of rarity and value. Immerse yourself in the Trials of Ultraman with this high-grade, signed edition, where the convergence of top-notch storytelling, breathtaking cover art, and the exclusivity of dual signatures converge to make it a must-have for fans and collectors alike.